Everyone is Welcome

Although our emphasis is on the promotion of meditation among African Americans, everyone is welcome to visit and use this site. You are welcome here regardless of your background or any organization, group, or tradition you may be involved with. Everyone has valuable insights and experiences to contribute. If you want to receive updates about this website, or just get in contact, click Sign Up Today, and submit the form.

Big Challenge, Real Solution

All of my life experiences have led me to the conclusion that many of the difficulties we face, as well as their solutions, originate right in our own mind. If we make a concerted effort to let go of the limiting thoughts we have about ourselves, others, and our world—even thoughts and beliefs that come from the world itself—we can uplift our minds and our lives and become a more positive influence for our children, our families, and our communities.

Inspired by Our Ancestors

Freeing the mind from limiting thoughts is not easy to do. It’s an ongoing project. But, our history tells us that if we continue to have faith in ourselves and our people, and keep arousing heartfelt love for ourselves and others, we can make progress. I trust we can do this today. This is the reason I published Free Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom—a meditation book written for African Americans.  This is also the reason I created this site.  

About Free Your Mind Guide

Free Your Mind Guide


My name is Cortez R. Rainey. I am the owner of Free Your Mind Guide, and the author of Free Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom.

 I was born in Kansas and graduated from high school and college in Georgia. After discharge from the US Army, I settled with my family in Baltimore, Maryland. Here, I’ve worked in public safety for over 30 years, and started practicing meditation. 

​Getting Started...

It is my hope that my book and this site will help you to start a regular meditation practice. It is also my hope that your practice will help you to relate with wisdom and caring to the details of your life so that it can be more fulfilling and satisfying.

 Moreover, it is my wish that you will not allow the daily details before you to keep you from seeing the genuine needs of others, the bigger picture, the panoramic view, and that when you are able to help others, you will have the heart to do so.