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Although our emphasis is on the promotion of meditation among African Americans, everyone is welcome to visit and use this site. You are welcome here regardless of your background or any organization, group, or tradition you may be involved with. Everyone has valuable insights and experiences to contribute. If you want to receive updates about this website, or just get in contact, click Sign Up Today, and submit the form.

​What This Site Offers

  • Basic information about meditation
  • An audio file of a guided meditation session
  • Links to books on meditation and African American history and culture
  • Free Your Mind Guide Blog with suggestions and reflections on practicing meditation
  • Meditation news, events and photos

Meditation Information

Welcome to Free Your Mind Guide!​

Free Your Mind Guide has one purpose: to promote meditation in the African American community.

Meditation Books


Many of us already know that meditation can help us to uplift our minds, our lives, our families, and our community. Yet, few African Americans visit or participate in meditation centers and communities, or even meditate alone. It can be difficult even to find images of African Americans in books, magazines, and online sites about meditation, or find writings on meditation that address the African American experience. This site seeks to change that.

Meditation Instruction

News, Events & Photos

Free Your Mind Guide

Free Your Mind Guide provides information and resources for individuals who are curious about meditation and want to learn how to practice it.

Visit this site often, as the content will change from time to time, and invite your friends to do the same. Feel free to comment on blog posts. Purchase books if you wish. Share your meditation experiences and photos. Let us know about meditation events and news. Offer suggestions for improving the site. And use whatever insight you gain from this site to promote meditation in the African American community.